• What some of our satisfied clients are saying
  • “Having SmartCare in my corner has enabled me to stay focused on patient care” – Elizabeth Salada, MD, Internal Medicine
  • “If it wasn’t for SmartCare, I wouldn’t have a better focus on what improvements could be made in my practice.” – Georges Argoud, MD, Endocrinology
  • “Having accounts receivable that low is amazing!” – Stuart Prewitt, Manager, Offices of Fernando Gil, MD


  • “SmartCare has allowed me to provide focused, quality medical care for my practice while eliminating the distraction of practice management.”- Laura Rogers, MD
  • “SmartCare provides me with the opportunity to focus on my patients and not on administrative tasks.  SmartCare has taken the worry of out billing and collections.”- Mark Howard, MD
  • “SmartCare has been able offer expertise in many areas and has been able help us directly with personnel issues, office administration, contracting issues and financial reporting in a professional and cordial manner.  They have made us feel that they are as much a part of our staff as our employees are.” – Emmet Lee, MD